Sunday, June 29, 2008

A night on the town

Today it is the end of Pride week here in Toronto, there will be a parade almost outside our hotel. Pride is bigger here than anywhere else in the world, so I think it will be worth watching. Hope to get some pic's to post here.

Laila and Tony, harbour by night.



Having fun at the Biermarket.

Tony, Dianne, Malin and Laila outside the keg.

I bought jeans at Guess.

In the evening Laila from the office and her friend Dianne took us out for dinner at the Keg. It was really nice and afterwards we went to the Biermarket. We drank beer and sambuca and danced to a great band - the guys have promised me pic's from that as I didn't bring my camera.
Around 1 o'clock we went to the harbour and walked around and looked at the boats and Toronto skyline. After that Laila drove us back to the hotel. A really nice evening!

Yesterday was a shoppingday - these are presents for the girls, but I bought some nice underwear for myself, too. I also went swimming and to the gym.


Arielle o Miranda said...

The girls are very happy and look forward to their new undies! We love and miss you! <3

Stella said...

Oh, Victoria's secret? Jag är mkt nöjd med mina :-)
KRAM Jessi på landet