Friday, June 27, 2008

One more day at work...

Doc Elf is now Hulk Elf ...

Taking a rest on a sofa in one of the tunnels under the city.

The cradle of Metro Canada.

Peter met a friend.

The view was amazing!

Yesterday we went up in the CN Tower.
The tower measures 533 meters high...
There is a glass floor in one of the top storeys,
I stepped on it and looked down, really scary (ok, ok, maybe I didn't step out, Peter forced me out on the floor).
There is also a revolving restaurant on top,
if you eat there you will see all of Toronto
by the time you are finished with your meal.
We ended the day with a latenight swim in the pool.

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Stella said...

Å, så fint! härlig pool :-) KRAM Jessi