Thursday, November 24, 2011

Revival of Mamastravels!

I have decided to kickstart this blog again - just for the nearest and dearest.
Nov 22, by the old square in Prague. My friendly ghosts are (in the first pic):
Antoine (Paris), Muj (Toronto) and Rafael (Sao Paolo). In the second pic Hasan (London) has replaced Muj. We are here for a 5-day training course and to network, discuss and make plans for the future. JJ took the boys shooting the other evening, and JJ and Rafael were shooting stars :-)
Prague is a lovely city - I wish I had time to visit the Ledebur gardens, but this is not a holiday ;-(
JJ, JB and Oliver have also had the training, but were not out with us this evening.
I will try to catch them with a camera next time we travel, which will be fairly soon...

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Kripelle said...

Waaaay! Härligt de ser ut :) Berätta om Holland och mer bilder :) <3 Älskar dig /Krippa o Arielle