Tuesday, December 9, 2008

São Paulo, Brasil, in December

São Paulo is an amazing, really big city. I have mostly stayed near the hotel, but I have walked around a lot. It is striking how little ads there are.
I was told the mayer passed a law a year ago, banning all large ads, and it really makes a difference.
People have been very friendly to me, everywhere.
Last night I had a very nice dinner with Ariel and his wife in their home.
It was an adventure for me, taking the subway out to the suburbs (Praça des arvores).

Marcia took me up to the roof to show me the view.

My friends, Célia and Ariel.

The officebuilding is also a tv-station.

The view from the office-roof is amazing, and a bit scary.
I felt like I could loose my balance.

A new artwork emerged on my way to work.

Funny telephone-booths.

The view from my hotelroom.

Tryp Paulista, a really nice hotel!

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