Tuesday, July 8, 2008

24 hours in Iceland

Plaza hotel, Reykjavik.

Leif Eriksson who discovered "Vinland", ie USA.

Really cool!

In november 2007 Anna Leoniak and Fiann Paul
started taking pictures of almost every child
between three and six years old living on small,
remote places on Iceland.
The pictures are posted centrally in Reykjavik and also at the airport.

We did not go whalewatching.

We tried to walk around in Reykjavik even though
we were jetlagged and tired after Toronto.

We had a delicious fish-lunch at this
small place in the harbour in Reykjavik.

A steamroom, didn't get a pic from inside.

The water is 38 degrees celcius,
the steam from the vulcano keeps the warmth.

Peter in his favourite position.

The place is big enough for all of us...

Peter with silica-mud on his face.

Peter and I were the first visistors at the Blue lagoon this Saturday,
we had the place almost completely to ourselves the first hour
before the coaches started to arrive.

I like the Icelandic word for toilets.

We had to say goodbye to Tony at Keflavik airport.

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